Dress Code
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Students are to come to school appropriately dressed, ready to learn, with proper attention given to personal cleanliness, grooming, and neatness AND in keeping with a positive school environment:
  • no ill-fitting clothing, 
  • no midriff showing, 
  • no bare backs, 
  • no halter tops/spaghetti straps (less than 3 fingers’ width), 
  • no mini-skirts, 
  • no makeup, 
  • no offensive slogans, 
  • shorts are to be of an appropriate length. 
Two pairs of shoes are required: one pair for indoor wear, and one pair for outdoor wear. Indoor running shoes are required for Physical Education class.

Students must have a pair of indoor shoes to wear at school, at all times. These may be left in the cloakroom. It is critical the children have shoes on at all times, given the possibility of a fire alarm or another emergency.Children utilizing the gym must have proper footwear, and indoor shoes need to have non-marking soles.

Personal belongings should be labeled with the student's first and last name. Lost articles may be found in the "Lost and Found" box located at the office.

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