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EQAO Information for Parents and Guardians

To respond to the most common questions parents and guardians
are asking about elementary-level EQAO assessments, EQAO
has information available at the EQAO website.


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2017-2018 St. Martin de Porres Code of Conduct

2017-2018 Progressive Discipline Policy

2017-2018 School Bullying Prevention & Intervention Plan

School Lockdown and Secure School Procedures


Dress Code
Resource Links for Parents Resource Links for Students

Students are to come to school appropriately dressed, ready to learn, with proper attention given to personal cleanliness, grooming, and neatness AND in keeping with a positive school environment:
  • no ill-fitting clothing, 
  • no midriff showing, 
  • no bare backs, 
  • no halter tops/spaghetti straps (less than 3 fingers’ width), 
  • no mini-skirts, 
  • no makeup, 
  • no offensive slogans, 
  • shorts are to be of an appropriate length. 
Two pairs of shoes are required: one pair for indoor wear, and one pair for outdoor wear. Indoor running shoes are required for Physical Education class.

Students must have a pair of indoor shoes to wear at school, at all times. These may be left in the cloakroom. It is critical the children have shoes on at all times, given the possibility of a fire alarm or another emergency.Children utilizing the gym must have proper footwear, and indoor shoes need to have non-marking soles.

Personal belongings should be labeled with the student's first and last name. Lost articles may be found in the "Lost and Found" box located at the office.

Ontario Ministry of Education

EQAO-Education Quality and Accountability Office.
Includes information on the grade 3 and grade 6 EQAO testing.

Nectar Foundation: an Ottawa-based non-profit that produces educational
computer programs

Archdiocese of Ottawa
Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario - Fully Alive Program:

The Rosary for Kids

Kid Proof Canada

Helmet Safety for all 4 seasons (Jan. 2010)


FSL Homework Toolbox 

Tout Petits Tele Quebec




Radio Canada

French Language Guide 

DSO Kids

(exploring music)

SFS Kids
(San Francisco Symphony Kids site - hear, learn and have fun with music)

Art Project - Tour Around the World
Funbrain Math

A Maths Dictionary

Ask Dr. Math

Cool Math

Math Frog

Nelson Math

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Fact Monster

AAA Math

Maths Zone


Khan Math


IXL Math

Math is Fun

Grade 5 Math

Toon University

That Math Quiz

Math Fact Cafe

Mah Magician

How Stuff Works

Canadian Science and Technology Museum

Animal Planet

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Cool Science

Discover Kids

Khan Science

TVO Kids

National Geographic

Education Place

Online Basic Skills Games

Primary Games

Funbrain Games & Activities


(Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts & Creative Arts)

Mr. Nussbaum
(Math, English, Science, History)

BBC Bitesize

(English, Math, Science)

Typing Game

Dancemat Typing

Keyyboarding Games
Create a Comic Strip

Media Literacy and 21st Century Learning

Media Literacy and Current Events


Interactive Story Plan

Into the Book

Mighty Books

Reading at Home


StarFall Learn to Read

Spelling City

Story Planner

Word Central